How to integrate the gas getter into an "On-premise" facility

In September 2009, Joe Slana of Clarkson Wines in Mississauga, ON and felt that he could use some help in getting started using The Gas Getter in the Wine Production Process. Here’s what John Pritchard sent him. 

Hi Joe, I can give you the info this way, which will likely make it easier to connect.

We have been using the degasser for about 5 months and it has saved us a lot of work and money.  Between it and going to the Spagnol’s stabilization system, we have cut the work load by at least 25% and employee wages by 71%.

We stabilize on day 12 to 14.  We try and do it on day 12, but if we have a lot to do at one time, it gives us an option to spread it over a couple of days, and takes into account Sundays when we are closed.  We remove the wet skins from Cellar Craft and Spagnol products on day 8 to prevent mold forming.  We don’t worry about the dry skins, as they sink to the bottom and don’t form mold.

A 2 ½ hp compressor will work with Rhone’s six carboy system, but you need to go to a 5 hp compressor for the bigger unit.  The compressor has to have enough air storage ability to be only running ½ the time so you don’t burn it out.

On day 12 we rack from the bucket to the carboy, but first we put about 1 ½ ltr. of wine into a juice container.  We have metal carts that hold 6 carboys.  Take some of the juice from the container and pour it into one of the empty 500ml bottles from Cellar Craft and add your metabisulphite and sorbet and shake it to mix.  Pour into the carboy and stir.  Add your first clearing agent to the carboy and stir.  Add your flavour packs and stir.

If you are using ribbed carboys, pour some of the wine from the juice container back into the carboy, bringing it up to the top line at the shoulder.

Sterilize your bungs from the degasser with sulphite and dry.  Wipe the inside of the carboy opening to dry it and push the bung into place.  When they are all in place, start up the system.  Watch to see how hard the carbon dioxide is blowing off.  If it is not going too close to the bung, you can start adding the rest of the wine from the juice container back into the system.  The less air space in the carboy, the better the system operates.  It is trial and error, but after a couple of days you will have it figured out.

Leave it run for an hour while you clean buckets and do other work.  Add your final clearing agent and stir and run the system for another 15 minutes or so.

You will find that some carboys really pour off the gas at the start, while others do the heavy boil after the second clearing agent is added.  Carbon dioxide suspends particles and particles hold back carbon dioxide in kind of a catch 22 situation.  As carbon dioxide is pulled out, the clearing agents pull more particles to the bottom, which makes it easier for the machine to pull out more carbon dioxide.

You will notice that the clearing agent has pulled a lot of stuff to the bottom by the end of the final 15 minutes degassing.  Most of the wines are totally clear by the next day.  Since we have gone to this system, we have not had any trouble with Cellar Craft whites or Spagnols fruit flavored wines clearing.

Our employees would leave or kill me if we went back to the old system Hope this helps.  I will be glad to answer any other questions you have….John


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